24 Hours of Inspiring People

Being quite a controversial and taboo topic I was a bit worried about voicing an opinion about the film, The Danish Girl, which I went to see last night and will now definitely write about after being inspired by some incredible people in the last 24 hours.

firstly I just read Lily James’ interview in ‘Glamour’ magazine where she mentions Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence’s campaign for equal pay in the industry. I was intrigued when the unfailingly polite and classically British Lily mentioned an article about a “vaginal facial”. I feel like I’ve missed out on the gossip here.

Basically Lena Dunham has a website called “Lenny” which is ingenious and incredible and which Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay for, focusing mainly on the attitudes towards women expressing an opinion. She said that people notice when women express an opinion, even an opinion that isn’t at all offensive, yet we wouldn’t think twice about a man expressing an opinion. She’s right. She’s entirely right. Although I don’t think it’s entirely about opinions.

I recently stood up for myself and the injustice I felt towards how my school dealt with university applications. I stood up to the teacher who claims to be helping us with applying to university and his reaction made me realise how sexist our society still is. He did not expect me to stand up for myself and he did not expect for me to challenge the way I’ve been treated. So he laughed. He actually laughed at me, making me feeling like I was being hysterical (I didn’t even cry until I left the room so I can’t have been that out of control!).

I tried to understand his reaction. I thought: maybe he was shocked because we’re British and British people euphemise everything. But then I read Jennifer Lawrence’s article and it turns out, she’s been treated in the exact same way.

I don’t think gender should even be questioned nowadays. I don’t want it to be necessary for campaigns. I also don’t want it to be heroic when men support feminism.

Amy x

P.S. The link to the essay – I can’t say it better than Jennifer Lawrence: http://www.lennyletter.com/work/a147/jennifer-lawrence-why-do-i-make-less-than-my-male-costars/

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