Nobody’s Born Bad…

I’m so inspired by other people’s stories. I love finding out how people began, partly why I loved Caroline Flack’s autobiography on how she got into television. Wanting to understand people maybe explains my love of acting. I just find people and their stories so fascinating. Every aspect of our behaviour is influenced by our experiences, who our parents are, where we grew up.

In drama classes, hot seating would involve improvising a monologue after creating a character in your mind. Everything you say and how you react boils down to where that character has come from.

Nobody’s born bad but people have bad things happen to them. Recently a girl from lower school has been repeatedly sent out of her class into my lessons. Each time she misses drama lessons (my worst nightmare) and I’m only seeing snippets of her behaviour. But she doesn’t strike me as the typically bad kid. She just sits there. She’s not shouting and answering back, she just doesn’t want to do anything. What makes me think she’s the ‘naughty’ kid is the way the teachers treat her. She’s constantly shouted at and appears to be given no chances at even staying in drama. I saw this girl around town with her family and she looked perfecting normal. Obviously no one knows everything about a person, things can appear perfectly fine on a superficial level. But it really made me wonder what was going on. I desperately want to understand this girl despite everyone else passing her off as the ‘naughty’ kid to be avoided.

I’ve read a couple of autobiographies recently which have really motivated me to start seriously looking into what I’m really interested in. I’m interested in people. Their communication, relationships, behaviour and this is partly why I love acting.

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