UPDATE: A Levels

Hi everyone,

I’ve had several emails recently informing me that real people are actually looking at my blog posts. I never expected it in a million years and to know that complete strangers can be so kind has restored my faith in humanity!

I’m currently coming to the end of my A2 year and in the deep murkiness of exams. But, when I left my exam this morning somebody said “I can see the light” and it made me look up and realise that I too can see the end of the tunnel. 

I have another post in production (that sounds fancy) so I am very excited to start blogging again and I am going to organise myself better so that I can blog throughout uni (which I’m starting in September argh!). I have been watching sunbeamsjess (aka Jessie) on Youtube recently and I have gained some useful hinters on how to do both.

If there are any films, books, youtube videos, blogs you recommend, I’d love to know and I would love to write about them! 

I am so grateful for your support without me even posting content on the blog!

Love, Amy

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