End of Year Art Exhibition

When I was starting to think about university, I had a huge dilemma about whether to go to Art college. I had always had it on my radar and, like A Level Art, I had always wanted to do it. However, I realised that, although I can recognise artists and I have an eye for beautiful things, I don’t necessarily have the desire to be creating the art. For a start, I have never been creative enough or brave enough to fully experiment. This last project was a final challenge where I ventured into something, again that I had always wanted to do, and that I had never tried before; textiles. The one aspect of art that I had always, always wanted to master was textiles. I would love to work in an artistic industry because, although sewing for 5 hours+ was gruelling, I am still in love with fashion and textiles. So, here is my finished exhibition that, unsurprisingly, I analysed to the last millimetre. I am a believer in ‘Art for Art’s sake’ but I literally can not do ‘Art for Art’s sake’.

Below is a photo of the explanation that accompanied the art at the exhibition.


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