The Start of the Adventures

My great great grandparents were Swedish and moved to Great Britain along with their children in the early 1900s. They stopped briefly in the Faroe Islands, giving birth to another child, my great grandad, Oscar Lind. Upon reaching England, they kept moving, kept having kids and eventually settled in a South Yorkshire mining village.


In another millennium, Oscar’s great grandchild is sat in another county condensing their life into a paragraph. Unfortunately that’s because this is all I know. I’ve known about this part of my ancestry all of my life but I didn’t realise it could have an affect on me. I don’t look Scandinavian, I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, but I have read that your ancestry can have a huge effect on your personality. I have adopted a restlessness, from my mum, from her dad, from his dad. We have moved to lots of houses and travelled to lots of different places. I’ve always battled against the phrase ‘the grass is always greener’ but actually, this restlessness has meant that I’ve always wanted to do and see different things.

Therefore, this is the beginning of my Adventures page, a place where I can document my new discoveries. I may not always be able to afford to travel, especially as I am about to be a student, but I will always try to visit new places. It’s in my DNA.

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