Is Black the New Dark Horse?


Carrie Bradshaw said:

“There are only two times when it is appropriate to wear the little black dress in daylight. One involves leaving a party way too late, the other involves leaving the party way too early; the New York funeral.”

Although I hate to argue with potentially the biggest fashionista of the last quarter of a century, I have noticed that people are swaying towards the LBD more and more often. And in daylight. Is this because we’re becoming more and more scared to wear the colourful, vibrant, lively gowns and dresses circa Carrie 1998 or is black making a comeback?


I get most of my fashion inspiration from passers by walking down the street or strangers sat in cafes. And as much as I would love to wear gorgeous, Carrie Bradshaw type clothes involving skirts and full-time heels, it’s not really possible in the British climate nor appropriate in my little town. Maybe I will become more confident to wear what I want to as I get older, but right now, what I feel comfortable and actually very glamorous in, is black. And, although closed minded people (like my brother) may make a judgement on this (“you look like you’re going to a funeral”), I think that wearing one block colour can be very simply chic. Black is ideal for this look and I have seen a lot of women glamorously walking the streets in the previously known “funeral attire”.

It took me a long time to realise what was making these women look so effortlessly stylish. I have realised that one, black goes with any hair colour, skin colour or nail colour and two, it gives you freedom to accessorise in any way you like, perhaps with a vibrant nail colour or gorgeous shoes. The thing is, take something very simple but tailored and jazz it up with one wow-factor piece and you look effortless but stylish; it is the perfect combination.

I hope that I can do the Carrie Bradshaw look too, but first I will master the new dark horse in fashion: black.

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