The end of open days (for good this time!) …October 2016

Having been to every city and nearly every open day on my list, AND having reread September’s post, I can already see how much difference a month can make to your mindset. I managed to fit soooo much into September and have also been to each open day on my own. One month into my gap year and I feel like a whole new person! Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I do feel more independent.

I have been forced to talk to people, think for myself, and I actually want to go to uni again. Watching my friends go has made a big difference to my expectation of university life. Being the oldest child, I haven’t watched anybody else go so I had no idea what to expect. Now, I’m getting more of an idea and am currently writing this on the train to Edinburgh to visit one of my friends at university. It’s baby steps but I’m sure I’ll be ready this time next year…

Places visited:

  • Lancaster
  • York
  • Newcastle
  • Durham


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