Disposables: Sunny Mornings

Recently, I have really got into buying disposable cameras. I used to love photography but since technology got so good, I got used to just snapping away on my iPhone. I still love doing this because you get more choice of photos but, I don’t spend as long composing a shot because I know I can just take it again.

I find getting film developed so special and such a surprise because you’ve forgotten what you shot and you can’t re-take them or edit them. They’re much less ephemeral than digital photos.

When I got this roll of film developed, only a few turned out well. My favourites are all the sunny morning photos; perhaps because I have fond memories of these beautiful mornings but also because the light is so gorgeous, how could they not turn out well?


This photo is my mum in Wales over Easter looking super chic in her White Company pyjamas. I get all of my style tips from her! I loved these lazy mornings of leisurely cooking breakfast, staying in our pyjamas till midday and reading the newspaper (I must be a proper adult now!).


My mum’s pyjamas were very stylish but I did also love our little kitchen that we rented for the week. I couldn’t get enough photos of it, especially on this particularly sunny morning with this red frying pan (which also coordinates perfectly with the fire blanket… what more could you want from a photo?).

disposables 3

This photo was taken on another sunny morning up in Newcastle. You can’t beat the UK when the sun’s shining. I loved this morning because the sun poured in through the doors whilst I read my book, The Tobacconist – which I would highly recommend!

Sunny mornings when you have no work and a coffee in hand are just my favourite thing in the world…

Amy xxx

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