Warm Evenings

When I was writing my sunny mornings blog post, I kept thinking about how much I also blooming love warm evenings. We’ve had a couple of these in the UK but it’s very hit and miss.

I scrolled back through the photos on my phone and found photo after photo of sunny evenings. I clearly am a fan. I think, like the mornings, the light is just SO good.

Last spring, I went to Barcelona with my mum. I was on my gap year so it was the first time we had been away just the two of us. We had been to Barcelona when I was 8 and had been to see the Sagrada Familia. Because it is still being built, my mum said we would go back when I was 18. 10 years on, it had changed a lot and so had I. I now had a camera and a taste for Sangria!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This was in the Plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona. I absolutely adore this photo. To me, it sums up European living in one shot. It was taken in early evening at the beginning of March – I can’t believe how cool it is to be sat outside in Winter!

Barcelona 2

Photo credits to my mum for this one. This photo is making me very excited to start wearing summer dresses again very soon! The floaty fabrics and simple lines feel so much more glamorous than chunky jumpers and boots.

This dress is from Urban Outfitters. Their SS collection is always flawless but it is fairly expensive so I try to resist from going in as I know I’ll be tempted! My shoes are Timberland and are the comfiest things ever. And my denim jacket is Levi’s which I got from a vintage shop in Leeds called Pop Boutique. I really love the wash of it and the fact that it’s proper denim as opposed to this stretchy denim-y fabric that is very comfy but isn’t as old school. However, I think it’s a men’s size so I don’t love the fit of it on me. I’m quite small so I think a cropped and tighter denim jacket would be more flattering – I might have to invest in one for this year….

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This photo was taken in the early evening but the sun sets quite early in Spain in March. For some reason the sun sets earlier in Europe than it does in the UK which, to me, just doesn’t make sense as it’s generally more sunny in Spain than in Yorkshire. I don’t quite understand the whole changing the clocks forward thing. Do Europe do this too? If anyone would like to enlighten me on this I would love to know!

Anyway, this photo is of a little food market in one of the squares near the Gothic Quarter.

I will take some new photos and create new content when we get the lovely weather again. It’s quite uninspiring when you’re sat inside revising looking at the rain. However, I am sat writing this whilst the weather is really trying to be summery so fingers crossed!!


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