The Northern Series: Intro

Being born and bred in Yorkshire, I am really passionate about the North. However, this has taken me a long time to realise. When I was in school, I was desperate to move to London because I wanted to lead a glamorous, busy, exciting life.

But, I have realised that it is possible to have those things here. I don’t want to be a hypocrite by moving to London and then complaining that there’s nothing in the North. If everyone thought like this, there wouldn’t be anything. So, I would love to be one spoke of the wheel that’s slowly changing our view of the North.


I wanted to start this series on my blog to record all of the amazing things the North has to offer. I think the North really is an up-and-coming place. There’s so much here, you just have to look for it that bit harder.

Places I want to explore:

  • Leeds (I know the city centre but I also know it has some hidden gems!)
  • Newcastle (my parents went to uni there so they have always been big fans. The more I explore, the more I love it!)
  • Manchester (There’s some very arty and music-y areas which I would love to explore!)
  • The countryside (I was born in The Dales but have always taken it for granted)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Stay tuned!!

Amy xxx


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