The Jewellery Edit

Last weekend I visited Roundhay Park for the first time with some friends from uni. It is a huge, gorgeous park in the North of Leeds that has a lake, a lakeside cafe, blossom trees (minus the blossom for any other time of year). It’s beautiful.

We had taken a picnic so we sat on the grass, watching the world go by, for the entire afternoon. It felt like being on holiday.


These rings are from & Other Stories. Everything about their brand is stunning. I have spent so many hours in their shops. When I bought these rings, my friend, Polly, and I had gone in especially for them. We made a beeline for the jewellery section and literally stood there for about half an hour trying on every ring the shop had to offer. I already had the sparkly ring, which I’d bought in Manchester’s store a couple of years ago so I knew I wanted to get a couple of other gold ones.Untitled-5I used to wear silver jewellery all of the time. I still think it looks very chic. However, I think my colouring is actually more suited to gold. I have dark hair and, when I wear gold earrings, they really stand out against it. So, I decided to go for gold rings as I wanted to build up a jewellery collection that I could wear all at the same time.

Although I do like clashing gold and silver jewellery occasionally, I do also like to keep it quite simple. However, I had painted my nails silver and I really like how the colour of the glass in the sparkly ring matches it but contrasts the gold.


My friend, Margy, took most of these photos and I absolutely love them! I hadn’t planned on taking any blog photos. However, my rings were glittering so beautifully in the sun, we had just bought an iced-coffee and the lake was sitting there so serenely; it was an opportunity not to be missed!

I am always on the look out for discovering new places whether that be parks, cafes, shops. If anyone has any ideas of things I might have not yet discovered around Leeds or Yorkshire, feel free to leave a comment!! I’d love to know!

Amy xxx

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