Yoga and Green Juice?

I’m officially a chiché. For the day anyway…

This was a very spontaneous, never-again kind of experience that is very clichéd blog content. But, I wanted to document it because it was a blooming lovely day with my flatmate from halls. We realised that we had never been out of the flat together in the day time despite being so close and having lived together for a year! So, we decided to do a yoga session at uni and a trip to Hyde Park Book Club cafe. 

Untitled-1I think in the school world we probably wouldn’t have been in the same group. We have quite different styles and on first appearance, don’t look like we’d have a lot in common. But as the year went on, we realised we actually had loads in common!

We spent most of our time in our grotty little box kitchen so we’ve got loads of cooking tips from each other and laughed at the moments of eating complete shit. As the year went on, we really tried to cook better meals and I feel like we ended on a high with our green juice (which I was very apprehensive about because it had spinach in) and our yoga session!!


I have learnt 1) you can’t taste the spinach in the green juice and it’s actually really nice AND good for you – win win! And 2) yoga is as relaxing as everyone says it is and now I know why its a cliché *rolling eyes emoji* <— that is probably my most used emoji and the look people give me on a daily basis because I am a huge airhead and I don’t have a clue how I got in to uni…

IMG_1372yoga and green juice

I’m determined to keep the yoga up. I felt so great this day (probably partly to do with finishing exams too). But, I’ve learnt about myself that I can’t drink green juice all of the time because I am a massive foody and love to treat myself with the less healthy foods, in particular the Sainsbury’s Basics cookies that are sooooo stodgy and delicious. I think I have found my balance at uni. But, I could definitely never be one of those healthy eating bloggers because it would last for a week or be a complete lie!!


Thanks for reading!!

Amy xxx

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