Golden Hour and Posh Cameras

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when the heatwave was not yet a heatwave and, for all we knew, the weather forecast would be wrong and we wouldn’t see sun ever again! It turns out the weather has lasted for probably the longest time ever and makes my rushing around like a headless chicken finding cameras and clothes to wear look a bit ridiculous. I thought the rain might come any second at that point and now I can’t imagine what it would be like to rain or be cold ever again (until I went to Norfolk last week – the only non-sunny place in the UK – and it felt like winter and we had to light a flipping fire!).

But, anyway, even though these photos were very spontaneous, I did actually spend about an hour in this field photographing everything I could find that was drenched in beautiful, ‘golden-hour’ sunlight!


Pip was a very well behaved camera assistant…


…and model/poser.37167430_1918608964857446_7204962060294160384_n37194044_1918638991521110_4637653326274494464_n

My dad also got his posh camera out and took a few of me and the dogs together. I did need a hair wash but didn’t think I would have time before the weather turned. It turns out I had a good month to wash my hair and actually prepare for a photoshoot but that would be wayyyyy too easy and organised.


The moment Pip found where I was hiding the treats!!


I was bribing them with chewsticks so that they didn’t cause absolute chaos in an open field!!


I just threw on this really old H&M dress. Everyone needs an LBD and I have got so much wear out of this one! I said this with my brother in earshot and his response was, ‘I don’t have an LBD. What is that? Do I need one of those?’ haha 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!

Amy xxx

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Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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