My Norfolk Food Diary

This is going to be quite a long one so grab a cup of tea and have a gander! 🙂

I am a massive foodie and am very lucky that my parents take me and my brother out to lovely restaurants. We love trying new food places. You might have noticed this in my Northern Series where I mainly just explore new cafes in Leeds (that’s all my student budget can stretch to)! But, when I’m with my parents, we get to go to the odd new pub too which I LOVE.

In Norfolk we rented a house for the week so we did a bit of eating in too. There were literally farmer’s markets and delis around every corner so we could buy really fresh, good quality food to cook. It was bloody brilliant! And very colourful; so that made for a good few photos. These are just a few of the many very similar photos now using up lots of storage on my phone…


1) I would say that pasta is my staple. I’m a simple soul. So, over the week, I offered my culinary skills and made a fresh tomato pasta dish and later in the week a Cromer crab pasta dish (with expert cookery guidance from my mother, of course). We were clearly so hungry for the crab pasta that I didn’t even have time for a photo of it.


2) On Saturday, we went to Blakeney hotel to have a meal with my grandma who was staying there for a few nights. It was a gorgeous restaurant with views out to the sea and the sun set with a beautiful sunset whilst we were there.


Me and mum found some very gorgeous flowers but, what you can’t see is that we were stood in front of a dog poo bin. It did ruin the aesthetic slightly…


It was a verrrryyy nice restaurant and the food was really interesting with lots of Asian influences. My starter was this very beautifully laid out parma ham and asparagus with oyster sauce and was so delicious! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it!!


3) This was probably one of my favourite meals. Having wine at lunch time was a complete holiday luxury. The cafe/deli was all Italian and all of the food was sourced from a farm in Tuscany that the cafe owned! What a dream *heart eye emoji*.


The above photo is another deli in Holt. We didn’t actually eat there but it was a very beautiful street and we did have a peak in to see all of the very expensive but gorgeous food!!

* * *

4) Back to my cafe hunting – although this time in the south! This was a gorgeous little cafe called Stiffkey Stores and it sold the best cake (and, according to Robbie who had been before, the world’s best brownies! They had already run out by 11am so we’ll just have to go back especially for them! At 9am.).


I thought this little shed was so cute and would be soooo cosy in the winter with a big cable knit jumper on, a hot chocolate and the famous brownie.


We sat outside in the most beautiful little redbrick courtyard with plants everywhere!


It also seemed to be the only shop in the village so, inside, it had a newsagent, a post office, a nic nac shop with books, a garden centre section with gorgeous flowers and it was basically my dream shop. I could have bought everything there but I ended up restraining myself and only buying a candle.


5) This was our last meal at the Gunton Arms where you could choose food that was cooked on a fire at the front of the room! It also had artwork all over it by Damien Hurst and Tracy Emin! I studied both these artists at A Level so this was pretty cool!! I wasn’t 100% sold on the photo of a naked woman in my toilet cubicle but hey ho.

Both of their artwork can be quite dark and grotesque. This was one of them:


This was the delicious food. I loved that the restaurant was decked out with loads of wood. It was like a proper countryside log cabin and was very cosy.

I was so impressed by everything in Norfolk, especially the gorgeous pubs and cafes! If you got to the end, thank you very much for reading!!

Amy xxx


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