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Photos by Becky Wakelam

I have seen a couple of posts on Instagram recently about how we express ourselves online and how this makes other people feel. I want to continue this conversation as, since investing more in my blog, I have started being much more consciously aware about what I post online, what image my blog has and what people will read.

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From day 1, I said to myself that I would not title any post with clickbait and want to come across as honest and genuine.

But, I’m starting to see how difficult it can be to not appear like you’re showing off when you post anything online. I follow people on Instagram, for example, who I do feel show off about their wealth, their bodies, their lives (mainly celebrities). It sets unrealistic standards and I don’t want to be a part of it. But, I do want a voice and, in order for people to listen to that voice, they need to see a person behind the words. A face, and therefore images of me, is what people connect to.

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It does feel a bit narcissistic putting photos of my face everywhere!! :’) But, it’s me and, on my blog, I want to express as much of a whole person as I can, not just the pretty bits. But, at the same time, images are important to me. I have always loved art and my blog is a way of me expressing creativity visually.

Initially, I was scared to put anything negative on my blog, basically out of fear of rejection. It’s harder getting rejected when what you’ve put out there is so personal. I also try not to wear my heart on my sleeve in reality so, doing this online is scary!

A few really shit things have happened recently and I’ve ended up lost in a bit of a hole, unable to see the way out. It has left my brain in a bit of a mess and feels a bit like I’m wading through the rubble after a big storm. I think I’m getting there but it has involved a lot of tears and a lot of talking.

However, I have not shared any of this online so I just want to reiterate what a lot of bloggers/youtubers/content creators are saying: you can’t trust the image people portray on social media and compare it to your own life.

“Instagram is rated as the worst social media platform when it comes to its impact on young people’s mental health” – BBC News

I want to use social media in a way that doesn’t make me or anyone else feel insecure about themselves – I have started to filter who I follow on Instagram (mainly celebrities) who I’m becoming aware are making me feel shit about myself.

There is too much unrealistic content which is making us feel like we’ll never get to that point/be that happy/look like that. When really, what we need is role models and something to aspire to or something to inspire us.

I am trying to find this within my own content and I would hate for my content to come across as showing off when this is not how I feel in reality.

It is difficult to be so transparent, though. I don’t want my whole life sprawled across the internet (even though my whole brain is definitely sprawled out across my blog!). It’s a tricky one… If anyone has any ideas about how to improve social media so that we’re not constantly comparing ourselves to others, please drop me a message or leave a comment!!

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Thank you for reading!

Amy xxx


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