Summer on 35mm

When I went to Norfolk in July, I stumbled across a little vintage market in an old church. There are some great antique shops in North Norfolk where you can find some gems and it’s literally my favourite thing to do. However, this one was a pretty trashy market selling dusty, plastic sunglasses (not designer ones, I checked…).

But, after some searching, I found a little camera collection. I always hunt these out to check if they’re selling any Leicas that they didn’t realise were worth thousands. They never are… But, in my optimism I came across a little Pentax Espio 738. It cost me £9, the price of 1 and a half disposable cameras, so I couldn’t not get it.

I wasn’t expecting it to work but I bought some batteries and some film and spent August taking photos of everything. When I got the first roll of film developed I was so so so happy with the results!! I couldn’t believe how sharp everything was on a knackered £9 camera. So worth it!


My bedroom window.

Scan 1

I really love this shot! I accidentally had the flash on but I love how sharp and crisp everything looks!!

Scan 2

Mum’s birthday meal.

Scan 9Scan 10Scan 8

These shots are from the dinner party I hosted for mum for her birthday. Again, this one focused on something of its own choosing! But, hey ho it still looks quite cool haha.

Scan 3

Clearly it was much more important to focus on the papier mâché rabbit than on us. I agree.

Like a disposable, it’s quite unpredictable. It does have autofocus but sometimes it doesn’t focus on what you want it to (which makes for some funny photos!).

Scan 6Scan 4


Scan 7

The ghost chicken.

Scan 5

I have no idea what this one is but it looks sparkly and I’m a fan of anything sparkly.

Thanks for reading!

Amy xxx

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