Seventeen Years.

It’s funny how my “hobbies and interests”, as they are so widely known, spring to mind when asked to write an ‘About’ page or first blog post. I’m still not entirely sure which menu of tab of widget this piece of goblety-goop will be posted to but I’ll try.

Writing has been something I constantly return to. I’ve written stories all my life like hundreds of other children but what felt the most special was my keeping of a diary.

Since I was about 8 I’ve sporadically written a diary, fluctuating between writing every day and writing once a year. At first diary-writing was this niche thing that made me (and actually the rest of the 8 year olds) stand out. But I continued to process my thoughts through the slower process of writing which eventually began to help me organise my crazy brain. At least then I think I have a plan and an understanding of my emotions. I don’t.

* * *

Something that I’m regularly trying to untangle is the less excitement that I feel as I get older. Birthdays, Christmas and cake is no longer this giddy, counting-down-the-days experience.

However, the one thing I get excited about without fail is theatre, film, cameras, actors, behind-the-scenes. I find it fascinating and I am desperate to be a part of it.

However, I am just another very ordinary person which has held me back from starting a blog for the past two summers. It’s only after a completely unrelated conversation with my mum this morning about Princess Diana being relatable and rekindling the world’s love of the Royal family that I realised: it’s actually okay to be ordinary. People might want ordinary. Although I’m not promising Will and Kate.

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